New Hampshire’s First Molecular Breast Imaging System New Breast Cancer Diagnostic Technology Now Available at Salem Radiology

Salem Radiology and Parkland Medical Center, in cooperation with Gamma Medica, Inc., are pleased to announce a new Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI) system now available at 31 Stiles Road, Salem NH.
MBI is intended to improve the diagnosis and treatment of early stage breast cancer in patients with dense breast tissue, who are considered high-risk or have received an inconclusive mammogram. The MBI system is a secondary diagnostic tool that is highly sensitive in its ability to detect breast cancer lesions as small as three millimeters. This new technology is the first offering of its kind in New England and the 16th system overall in the United States.
“The Mayo Clinic and several other leading centers in the United States are using this modality with increasing frequency and great success,” said radiologist, Dr. Robert Hannon. “It has helped both find small early cancers and provide anxiety relief for patients with equivocal mammograms.”
Dense breast tissue and tumors both appear white on a mammogram, limiting detection of suspicious areas of the breast. Many states that now require patient notification, regarding significant breast density, suggest patients discuss further options with their doctor. 3D mammography/tomosynthesis has been shown to double the breast cancer detection capabilities of standard digital mammography however it is still known that cancers can be missed. Breast cancer remains a major health problem, particularly because of the severe consequences if it goes undetected. MBI is an excellent option for patients with dense breasts, who have a family history of breast cancer and/or have tested positive for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene or those who are unable to have an MRI.
Patients with dense breasts should talk to their physician to learn more about MBI and if this approach is right for them.