Scheduling an Appointment

Scheduling an Appointment at Salem Radiology

To schedule an appointment at Salem Radiology, call 603-890-2800. All of the exams performed by Salem Radiology require an “order” from a doctor. This “order” can be made via one of our own order forms (available below) or via a doctor’s own self-styled order pad. Orders may be faxed to our office or in the case of x-ray services, brought with a patient at the time of their visit.

Mammography (Annual Screening)

Regular screening exams (recommended annually for women 40 and older) are handled a bit differently from most other exams. These exams may be scheduled at any time by a patient or by a patient’s doctor by calling the office they wish to have their exam at. Regardless of how the exam is scheduled, we will work with your doctor’s office to ensure that the order is properly documented.

X-ray (chest, ankle, knee, etc)

Most of our x-ray patients walk in to one of our offices without an appointment. Typically, these patients are coming from having seen another doctor and will have an x-ray order with them. Doctors may also fax an order to the office of choice before the patient arrives.

Interventional Procedures

Interventional procedures are performed at our Salem location and are typically scheduled by a doctor’s office, often while the patient is still in the office. The doctor’s office will schedule a time that works best for the patient (in the context of how soon the doctor would like to see the procedure done) and then fax an order to our office.
Patients are certainly free to call us subsequently at any time if they have questions about their upcoming exam or if they need to change the appointment.
Depending on the exam, our office may also contact the patient to gather some basic demographic data or any specific clinical information which may be required before the exam and to inform the patient of any specific preparation required for the exam.

CAT Scan

Our 64-Slice CT Scanner is so fast that patients can be accommodated very quickly, typically on a same day basis. Our staff always finds a way to create space in the schedule for an urgent case, which we see every day. As with our other exams, the first step is for a doctor to order the exam by faxing an order form to our office.

CAT Scan/MRI ~ Prior Authorization

CT and MRI in many cases require a prior authorization from the patient’s insurance company. Our team has become very adept at working with our referring physician partners to ensure “prior authorizations” are in place. Most of the time, prior authorizations can be obtained within a few minutes with the help of the patient’s doctor but some insurance plans may require more time to obtain authorization.