Robert C. Hannon Receives Certificate of Proficiency in Breast MRI

Dr. Hannon this month received this certification from the American College of Radiology along with a Certificate of Proficiency in MRI-Guided Breast Biopsy. Salem Radiology, through its partnership with Merrimack Valley MRI on the grounds of Holy Family Hospital in Methuen, now offers 3.0T MRI services, the state-of-the-art in MRI including most notably, Breast MRI. According to Dr. Hannon, “Breast MRI has become a standard of care. For women with a family or personal history of breast cancer, abnormally dense breasts or breast implants, Breast MRI is an absolutely essential and required part of comprehensive breast cancer prevention and treatment. As with all of our services, our goal is offer our community not only the best technology but the most advanced practice anywhere in the region. Thanks to our 3.0T scanner and the extraordinary focus of our clinical staff on this exciting new specialty, we expect that Merrimack Valley MRI will quickly become a center of excellence for Breast MRI.”

Please feel free to contact Dr. Hannon or Dr. James Johnston, Medical Director at Merrimack Valley MRI at 978-682-1906 with any questions.