Salem Radiology acquires GE ‘Essential’ Digital Mammography & Stereotactic Biopsy Unit

Beginning this month, patients in Salem will have access to “3rd Generation” digital mammography, the state-of-the-art in screening and diagnostic mammography. SR was the first provider in the region to acquire digital mammography back in 2004, long before any of the area hospitals and even before many of the insurance companies came to understand its clinical superiority. Five years have gone by fast and now, we are doing it again.

Benefits of the “Essential” include higher sensitivity for the detection of lesions along with enhanced comfort for the patients. The Essential also offers a higher quality, more comprehensive solution for the entire universe of mammography patients ~ for certain women with larger breast size, earlier generations of digital mammography had to “cobble together” multiple snapshots to get a complete picture. The Essential’s “large plate” technology eliminates this problem and in turn, enhances the overall quality of SR’s mammography practice by offering those patients less dose, less discomfort and a faster exam.

The Essential also includes a “built-in” stereotactic biopsy device. SR conducts breast biopsies every day under ultrasound guidance but until now, we have only been able to offer stereotactic-guided biopsy (required for women with suspicious microcalcifications on their mammogram) on an infrequent basis using a mobile stereotactic provider. We are very pleased now to be able to offer this service to all the women and physicians in our community at our Salem office on an as-needed, every day basis. This acquisition allows us to now offer a full continuum of biopsy and related interventional services to our patients.

Patients may call the Salem office directly to schedule mammography services (603-893-4352). SR also continues to offer digital mammography in its North Andover office (978-681-1212).