Salem Radiology’s X-ray services are 100% digital.

Digital X-ray offers higher quality images (and in turn, better diagnostic information) and the ability to get images from any site to a radiologist in virtually real-time. As a result, X-ray patients and their doctors can obtain a preliminary diagnosis from a board-certified radiologist within minutes. Diagnostic X-ray is available on a walk-in basis with a doctor’s order.

The Basics of an X-ray Exam

Diagnostic X-ray imaging is one of the safest and quickest ways to examine the body’s internal structures. X-ray imaging has been in use for over 100 years to detect and diagnose diseases and fractures. Radiographic imaging is a “still image” similar to a photograph, in which a picture is made of a bone or an organ.

X-ray Patient Preparation

There is no physical preparation required for an X-ray but please remember to bring a copy of any related images, test results or reports as these are an important part of our radiologist’s review of your exam. Also, please remember to bring a copy of your insurance card with you.

What can I expect from an X-ray exam?

You will be instructed to remove articles of clothing or jewelry that might interfere with the X-ray image being made. You may be asked to change into a hospital gown for the exam. If you are female, please inform their doctor or X-ray technologist if there is any possibility of being pregnant.
The technologist will position the body part being imaged on the X-ray machine. You will be instructed to remain still and, depending on the type of examination, may be asked to hold your breath. The technologist will step out of the room to take the picture.

Length of an X-ray Exam

Most X-ray exams take only a few minutes to complete.

Obtaining X-ray Results

You should always consult with your doctor to obtain the results of your exam. The availability of those results depends on the nature of the exam, the findings of the radiologist and the specific needs of your doctor with respect to recommending a treatment plan.